Monday, February 22, 2010


The date is set.
My flight is booked.
My bags are packed.

The first part of my journey will start on Thursday. Since I am flying out of Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia on Saturday, I will fly up to Maryland to stay with my dad for a couple of days before I leave. Saturday, at approximately 5:40pm, I will be on my way to Africa!! After a LONG 18 hours of watching movies and trying to sleep, I will arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa. There, I will be picked up by some friends of the Children's Home and taken to a lovely Bed and Breakfast. The next morning I will have another 1.5 hour flight into Livingstone, Zambia (home of Victoria Falls). It is in Zambia where I will meet up with someone from the Children's Home and drive 3 hours into Namibia and to my final destination. By this time, it will be Monday afternoon!

I am very excited to see all of the children again! I have been writing letters back and forth with one of the girls from there, so I'm sure the kids know that I am returning. Last time I was there I spent most of my days helping out in the school there, as they were short one teacher, but I'm sure they have a new teacher so I'm wondering what I'll be doing this time. This trip will also be different because the missionaries, Gary and Rebecca, who had been there since the opening of the Children's Home in 2004 have returned back to the States. I'm sure the people who have replaced them will be really nice, but Gary, Rebecca and their 2 sons were like family to me.

Other random things...I will be 7 hours ahead of you- until you "Spring Forward" then I will only be 6. I'm not sure if my email address there will be the same as last time since Gary and Rebecca have left, but once I get there I will let you know! (For those of you who are new to my blog, I have access to the internet there but it is EXTREMELY slow and I have to pay to connect. Since Gary and Rebecca had an outlook account, I had my emails sent there so I could check it for free whenever they connected.) One more thing, I will find out on Thursday the final amount in donations that I have received, but I wanted to thank everyone again...especially those last minute donations, which proved to me for the second year in a row that having faith does wonders!! Alright, I'll stop boring everyone now! Next time you'll hear from me will be from Africa :)

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