Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going back...

Hello to all!
As I have said before, thanks again for all of your support for my trip to Africa earlier this year. I loved my time there so much that I’ve wanted to return ever since I got back to the States. I found out back in June that the missionaries who opened the orphanage were going to return to the States for good in August, and that there would be a lot of volunteers coming and going in order to fill their spots. I realized then that I needed to be back at the orphanage to help in any way that I could. Unfortunately, I will only be able to go for a month this time and am looking at leaving in the beginning of January. This time around it’s going to cost me close to $3000. Some people have already expressed interest in funding me again, so I am asking for any more donations you may have. I really appreciate everyone’s donations last time, and understand if more cannot/ will not be made. As always, I accept lots of thoughts and prayers! If you do have any donations, please send them, with my name clearly marked on it, to:

Children of Zion, Inc.
P.O. Box 413
Churchville, MD 21028

Thank you for your support and check back here for more updates on my trip!

Namibian National Anthem

Every Wednesday morning, before school, the children have an assembly. They sing worship songs, one of them leads a devotional, they pray, and then they sing the National Anthem. This was taken on my last Wednesday there, and some of the older boys brought out the Namibian Flag to "honor" me.

These are the lyrics to the anthem:

Namibia land of the brave/Freedom fight we have won/Glory to their bravery/Whose blood waters our freedom/We give our love and loyalty/Together in unity/Contrasting beautiful Namibia/Namibia our country/Beloved land of savannahs/Hold high the banner of liberty/CHORUS: Namibia our country/Namibia Motherland we love thee

"Your mouth is better!"

This video was taken the day after the boy in the middle got stung by a wasp on his upper lip. He had an allergic reation to it and his lips and face were swollen. In the video, the boy next to the tree is telling him that his mouth is better, and the boy to the right is saying (half in English, half in his native language...the clicking sound) that it's not back to normal because of the way he is holding the headphone cord in his mouth. After pulling the cord out, they find that it is still swollen. The boy at the end is, jokingly,telling me not to take videos of them, and turns the camera off.


This little three year old was TOO CUTE! I taught him how to wink, however, he became camera shy once I started filming. This was taken right outside of the Children's Home. You can hear the other pre-schoolers in the background, watching the "picture".

my pre-school class singing "Jesus Loves Me"

The first part is in English and the second I believe is in Lozi, the common language spoken there.