Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday, at 7:00, we arrived at the field ready to win this competition. We waited and waited until 9:15 to finally start. Only a few of the children placed in any of the events, but I think everyone had a lot of fun. It was so weird to see what these children from other schools were running in; some girls had skirts on, some children were wearing button up shirts, some girls were wearing leggings, and most kids didn't have any shoes on!! (The track was mostly sand, but there were still little rocks along it.) It's amazing how fast they could run without any shoes on! It was another long day, I was with the first group to go home since I was sunburned again, and I got home at 4:00, the rest of the children didn't get back until 6:30! We ate dinner late, started the movie late, and by the time the movie was over (10:30) everyone was exhausted!

This morning a Church from Zambia came to visit us for our Church service. They have been here before so Rebecca was telling me how amazing these kids are. There were about 25 of them, ages 4-15, and they got up and sang a capella so beautifully! The service lasted two hours and they were still singing afterwards while waiting for lunch. They have left already, with some money that we gave them to build their own Church (they have been meeting for 11 years, finally had money to start building a Church four years ago, but then a storm came and knocked it over, so they are still in the process of building it).

One last piece of news: I have volunteered to stay here longer while Gary, Rebecca, and their sons go back to America for a month. Rebecca had told me that she was worried about how people here would do while she was gone because there will be a girl, who just went back to the States a week before I came to get married to one of the African workers that she met here, her husband, and two supervisors. The girl has volunteered here a few times for long periods, and the other three have worked here for a long time, so they should be in good hands. When Rebecca told me this a few weeks ago, I just felt like I should stay and help; I really love it here and I don't even have any plans when I go back to the States anyways. It was a hard decision because I am starting to get a little homesick, but I think I made the right one, plus it's only two extra weeks that I'm staying. I know it's going to be a lot of stress for the five of us, but we can do it! I am still waiting to find out how much more it is going to cost me to stay here; I already know that it was $175 to change my ticket, and Gary and Rebecca have offered to help out with the funds a little since I am helping them out, but I think I might need to raise a little more money.

Well, that's all I have from here so thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!

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