Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a quick update about the flood situation here:
The water has been coming quickly and the path to the children's home from the Minks house is completely flooded! They bought boots for me yesterday so I wouldn't have to worry as much about snakes when walking through that water. They got the boat working Monday evening, so Gary is now able to bring staff here and back. Rebecca and I are still debating about this trip to South Africa this weekend- if the water keeps rising like it has been, I don't think it's smart to leave Gary here by himself! Last night Rebecca was talking about moving some of their furniture upstairs in the lofts because the water is right next to two side of their house, but we haven't done that yet. If it comes in the house, we will have to move into the children's home and Rebecca has been trying to find places in town to stay incase the children's home floods. We have been lucky so far, but some of the staff who live right outside the gates have already had to move because their houses were flooded! Right now, the only thing I'm really worried about are the snakes and crocodiles; yesterday Gary killed two snakes that were inside the hood of a truck and Rebecca saw a crocodile not too far from where we have to walk through! Please just pray that the water will not rise anymore than it already has!!

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