Monday, March 7, 2011

requests from Africa....

We've emailed Travis and Lorna to see if there is anything Billy could bring to the Children's Home with him that they couldn't get there and here is the list:

*Epson 78 ink cartridges PLUS BLACK! (you will see the 78 series doesn’t have black in it)
*a large bottle of saline solution for contacts as well as a bottle of contact cleaner (Complete multipurpose cleaner) that would be GREAT!! We cannot find contact lens anything here.

As for the kids:
*glue (not glue sticks),
*colored paper
*funny or inspirational DVD’s (these do NOT have to be new)
*if you can get donations to buy some scientific calculators that would be awesome
*odd request but they need metal compasses for math (maybe 4 or 5)
*if you can donations of clothes the children are in need of some
*another odd request – spoons (eating spoons) there are very few at the children’s home

We plan on getting some of this stuff but cannot afford it all. If anyone has any of these items they no longer need or would like to make a donation, please contact Billy or I. Thanks :)

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