Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first decision as a parent...

I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but things just kept popping up and I kept forgetting. Today, I decided that I needed to sit down and post something since Africa has been on my mind so much these past couple of days, and today especially.

I woke up this morning, realizing that it was the first of March, and the first thing that came to my mind (besides the month) was that I've spent the past two March's in Africa. My next thought was to wake Billy so he could go get his immunizations taken care of. Then a sad thought crossed my mind....Billy would be getting his shots by himself, for a trip he will be going on by himself (insert sadness here).

For anyone who doesn't know (where have you been?!) I'm pregnant! It's been really exciting and besides the morning sickness and SERIOUS aversion to chicken, the only other bad thing about being pregnant is that it makes my trip to Africa more dangerous. After much research about malaria and pregnancy, I found out that it's pretty risky. Turns out mosquitoes love pregnant woman more than non-pregnant woman! And forget about taking medicine to help prevent malaria...I may not have a baby because of it. So long story short, I've decided not to go.

[cut back to emo Sarah ;)] Billy decided that he will still go and I am so excited for him! He leaves Monday, March 28th and returns Thursday, April 14th. I'm hoping that he will love it as much as I did and that God will open his heart to future mission trips...with me AND the baby :)

So I will end this post by saying goodbye. Goodbye for the next month anyway. Billy will be using use my blog to post updates while he is over there, so keep checking our page!

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