Sunday, November 30, 2008

I just got back from a nice vacation to North Carolina. It was wonderful to see Billy, my family and friends, but what really made the trip special was getting FOUR shots in preparation for Africa!! :) Luckily, the tetanus shot was not as terrible as I had remembered, and the flu, Hepatitis A, and polio update didn’t cause me to pass out as I had imagined ;) . It really seemed as if luck was on my side when the lovely travel nurse said that I could take four Benadryl-sized pills for the Typhoid vaccination rather than receiving yet another shot in my poor, bruised arms. Having my vaccinations complete makes me feel one step closer to being able to go. Thank you to Mom and Manuel for covering the cost of that!!

As you may have noticed, my fundraising has been going pretty well- thanks to everyone who has given money in support of my journey! I also wanted to thank Vickie McDaniel and her small group, “Temple Worship and Mastery “ for setting up an account for me at “My Secret Closet” in Hillsborough and Mebane so that people can sell their old items and donate the money to my account. One of my mom’s co-workers put it well when she said that there are senders and goers; not everyone is called to do missionary-type work, but they are just as important because they are able to support the people who go. She said that this is really a journey for everyone- even though I am the one going, you guys are making that happen (she said it a lot better than I can, but I think I covered it!) If you are still interested in sending money, Children of Zion, Inc. has set up an account for me at the Church here in Maryland. You can send your donations with my name clearly marked on it to:
Children of Zion, Inc.
P.O. Box 413
Churchville, MD 21028

Thanks again for all of your donations and prayers!!! If you have any questions, you can email me at

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