Monday, January 26, 2009

Well today was my last full day in the United States- until April 23 that is! I spent the day running last minute errands, packing, saying goodbye, crying and wondering WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!? Don't get me wrong, I am really excited, but at the same time, I am worried about traveling to a foreign county by myself and if this will really be the experience I've always dreamed of. It's too late to turn back now, and I know I'll always wonder what could've been, so there's no choice but to board that plane tomorrow.

Since I am already nervous and feeling like I will be homesick, now is the perfect time to give my contact information for while I am gone. As one could imagine, the price to connect to the internet in Namibia is quite expensive, so for that reason, the missionaries I am staying with have an outlook-type account, where they only connect 2 times a day in order to send and receive mail. If you are interested in sending emails, their addres is: Please be sure to put my name in the subject, so that they know the email is for me! Also, I will only be able to receive text- that means no pictures or attachments!! If you prefer "snail mail" (and it really IS snail mail because it takes 2-4 weeks to arrive to Namibia!!!), the address is:
(my name)
c/o Children of Zion Village
PO Box 218
Katima Mulilo 9000

Some have asked, and since it takes anywhere from several weeks to several MONTHS, NO PACKAGES PLEASE!! Well, this is all I can think of for now. Hopefully I can update you by the end of this week with how my flight went! Thanks for all of your wonderful emails and prayers- I really need it now!

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