Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Final Update

So this is the last update for me being here in Namibia. It has been a wonderful couple of weeks. I wish I could have stayed longer because I was just getting to know all of the kids.
April 9th
A very long day of walking and driving to soccer. The girls game was scheduled at 11, but didn't start til 2. The guys played after them and I got to play with them also. The girls won their game 3-0. The boys didn't fair so well... we lost 0-4. :( I got to meet Disco (one of the older boys that is now at another school) and we actually played against his school and him. Everyone didn't get back to the village til after 8pm.
April 10th
We went to pick up a team from Campus Crusade for Christ and they led a sermon and gave a message for the kids. Got to hang out with the kids some more that day.
April 11th
Quite a long day. Started with devotions in the morning and then went to Mafuta to drop off food. Then we had to go to town to do all of the food shopping for the village among other errands. I got some shitanges for Sarah and the baby at the open market. We had so much food and supplies to bring back we had to take 2 trips on the boat to get it back. The boat was very low in the water on the trips. It was kinda scary lol
April 12th
Started with staff devotions, then went to help organize the shelves in the workshop. One of the dogs had ran off a couple days ago and then came back today. He looked very sick and wouldn't eat anything all day. Was trying to figure out what was wrong, but he just kept moping around all day. I cooked dinner for Travis, Lorna, Johannes, and Lena. Made them some fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Since it was my last night here I hung out with the kids some more. Got quite a few letters for Sarah from the kids. :) Had some goodbyes, but I told them I would see them in the morning before I left.
I definitely am going to miss the children and everyone here. It has been a wonderful time and everyone has treated me so well. Am most definitely going to try and come back in the future. This is my last update here and I will post when I get back to the states. Continue to pray for the flood to go down as it continues to slowly rise. Also pray for the kids as they will go on break from school next week.

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