Friday, April 8, 2011

Woah so I got kinda behind! Sorry!
April 5th
Did some laundry today! I was down to my lasts of everything haha. Also did some painting on the outside cooking area. It started raining when we were painting and of course didn't stop till after we were done, but we got the first coat on! I practiced with the boys in the soccer practice. I was tired half-way through their warm-ups... It was good though and a lot of fun.
April 6th
Really didn't do much today, but rest. Practiced some more soccer with the boys and then had their bible study later that evening.
April 7th
Johannes and I had to paint the outside cooking area and laundry bench again with a different coating of paint. Read 1-3 John and some of Revelations today. Revelations is so confusing lol. Got to practice some more with the boys, but I wasn't running a lot because I was tired haha. Also had the final session of the bible study with the boys that night.
April 8th
Got to go to town again and did some shopping. So the water has been flooding onto the dirt road so we have to go by boat now to get the cars. The river isn't rising, but the water is breaking through the small dams that were keeping the road dry. It was also very windy today, which means according to the elders that the flooding should be done and winter should be coming now. Some of kids want me to teach them Kung-Fu because I am "Ching-Chong". So I taught them some stuff, but the most important lesson is to never start fights! Got to go to a bible study for the older kids and they were in the book of James and learning about that. Got to hang out with the kids some more and learned how to dance!

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