Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 31st
After staff devotions, Johannes and I thought we could help out some, so Tombe asked us to fix the crane for the large pots for the outside cooking pit. All we had to do was drill a large hole and place a large bolt in it to help support the heavy weight of the pots. Something that should've taken a hour ended up taking us over 3 lol. So lesson learned: always measure before you start drilling.
I gave Niko his basketball and the other kids some soccer balls. I got to play soccer with the girls and boys also. So I ended up playing basketball and soccer for about 3.5 hours. I was tired after that.
April 1st
I got to sleep in a little bit. After I got up I started cutting some of the tall grass near the children's home. I had to use a old push mower that kept getting stuck because the grass was so tall. I got to help serve lunch for the kids and Albert helped me out too. Uncle Travis and I had to show Niko and Mateo how to play basketball. :) Later that day I got to ride in to town with Travis to see the bus stop. Later that night Johannes led a bible study for some of the older children.
April 2nd
So a group of men from the Seventh Day Adventist church came today and led a service for everyone. It was an awesome service and they can really sing well. After that for lunch we had a authentic meal of grilled chicken, pap, and potatoes. We had to eat it with our hands, which was fun. The kids were showing me how to eat it. They also found out that I am half chinese so now I have to teach them some things. I feel kinda bad because I forgot a lot of my chinese, but hopefully it will come back to me. Got to play more basketball with more of the kids and ended up with very large blisters on my feet haha. I also got a little sunburnt. (but don't worry baby, I'm fine) Saturday is also movie night so we watched Cool Runnings.

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