Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Independence Day, Namibia!

Known as "West South Africa" in the past, this country suffered through years of fighting and the apartheid, but this Sunday will mark 20 years since Namibia became an independent country. Today, the children had an assembly full of dancing, singing, and speeches about what their country went through in the past. Full of pride for their country, the assembly ended with (most of) the children standing up straight and proudly singing their national anthem. It was great to be here again to celebrate their independence day with them- and to see all of the talent!

There isn't much new with the flood situation...the water is still coming, slowly, but surely. We now have to walk through an ankle deep puddle of water to get from the mission home to the children's home- but that's the worst of it (except right outside of the front gate, but since we are going by boat, that doesn't really matter anymore). Yesterday I spent half the day in town with Becca, running errands and getting food to last us until Tuesday (since everything will be closed on Monday). The boat ride back was a slow one with all of the groceries and five people sqeezed into it! I was happy, though, that the big gray clouds above us didn't lead to rain until after we had gotten back. Being caught in a thunderstorm while in a boat is bad enough, but being caught in a thunderstorm in an all metal boat (ours) would be worse....

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