Monday, March 22, 2010

Just when you think the water won't stop rising....

it does. Praise God that it hasn't risen much, if at all, in that past couple of days! Friday night we had it all worked out that we would be moving (or shifting as they say here) Sunday, or Monday at the latest, until further notice. Luckily, since the water hasn't risen, we have been able to postpone the move- hopefully for good! I don't think that I have ever mentioned the poles that David put in the ground when it was dry and way before I even arrived, but they are 2 meters high (you'd think by now I'd know how to convert all of this stuff, but I don't. All I know is that 2 meters is pretty high!) When I came in the beginning of March, the water was to the 0.5 mark. It is now over 2 meters; the poles are completely covered! All of the volunteers here can't believe that the water has come that high, but since between this year and last I've only known the water to be high, I can't believe that David could once stand where he did to put the poles in! The picture here is courtesy of the Curry's while on a boat the far left you can see the poles that we used to measure the water and where the water stood at the beginning of this month!

Saturday I spent some a couple of hours in the boat fishing with David, Margaret and two teenage boys. It was a nice sunny afternoon and the weather was wonderful- so nice that I got to work on my tan :) Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything but grass, as we were fishing in a spot that is a dry road during the dry season. One of the boys got a huge tiger fish hooked, and reeled all the way to the boat, but the hook was too small, so right as he was about to pull in the fish it got away. Either way, we all had fun!

Today (Monday) the kids didn't have school, because of Independence Day, so this morning I spent some time playing soccer with a few of the older girls and the little kids- who never really get a chance to go to the field and play. It was the four older girls vs. the little kids and I was surprised at how good these kids were! Some of them were really fast, and others could dribble the ball much better than any other little kids that I've seen! Then there were the two 4 year old boys, who just spent the whole time picking the flowers from the side of the field, running onto the field, handing them to me and saying, "Here you go Auntie!" and then running to get more. I think they all had fun on the big kid field today!

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rachel said...

1 meter = 3.3(3.28083) feet

you have like 6.6 ft of water?! ahhh! i'm glad the water is only going down instead of up :) don't you come home soon?!