Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The latest from Namibia...

I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen today...cooking (Billy, you would be so proud! Even some of the children wanted to take pictures and record some videos of me cooking to show you!) Auntie Margaret, another long term volunteer, and I were making dinner for the children, some of the staff and the rest of the volunteers. She decided to make grinded pumpkin leaves, mince (beef) cooked with lots of veggies and curry sauce, and pap (the staple food here, similar to grits but with the consistency of mashed potatoes that you are supposed to eat with your hands). We got all of the vegetables from the garden here, so they were nice and fresh! It was really nice eating with the children- we don't do that anymore on Saturday's, which I know some of them miss, so tonight was a treat for everyone.

We have had really nice weather here (sunny and in the high 70's, low 80's) but the water is continuing to rise. Still no word on whether we will be evacuating, but we aren't in any danger-yet! Tomorrow I will go for a "girls day" in town with Margaret and Lorna (soon to be the new permanent missionary here) to run some errands and then some shopping for ourselves since Lorna will be leaving on Thursday. Well, that's all I have for now! Please pray that the water will not come up much more!!

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