Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It took a boat, a car, then two planes, but I made it home!

Yes, David got the boat working on Sunday night, just in time to take the staff home. I left the children's home at 6:30am Monday morning by boat (see picture on right), made it to the car at 7:00am and then to Livinstone at 9:30am. Before we got to Livingstone I FINALLY got to see some giraffes! We got out of the car, crossed the street and stood about 15 feet away from them while snapping pictures. They didn't stay around very long, so we continued on to Livingstone. Once there, Becca and I spent some time in the markets, bargining with people until we got the Zambian rate on souveniers, then headed for some lunch. I very surprised to see that they had a Subway there! Mcdonald's, I would've expected, but Subway?! We ended up splitting a footlong since it cost 12,500...Kwacha that is :) With our thousand dollar sub, a coke and a water, we only spent just under 5 American dollars!

The flight from Jo'burg to Dulles was a bumpy one and I only slept about four hours, which was no good. Since I was in a fog still yesterday, I waited until today let everyone know that I returned safely and post some pictures on previous posts- so check them out!
Saying goodbye to the children was hard, although not as hard as last time. Maybe it's because I still plan on seeing these kids again- I'm not sure when, but I will! :)

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