Thursday, March 4, 2010

One soccer ball equals lots of smiles

So some of you may remember from last time my post about some of the older boys not sharing a soccer ball with the girls the first time I went to play soccer with them. When we finally received a ball, it was a little on the flat side, and all of a sudden the boys "couldn't find the pump". I decided then that I would bring the girls back their very own ball and pump, so this would not happen again! I picked out the girliest ball I could find (not that it matters- the boys will play with whatever!) and a nice looking pump and packed it in my bag with me. Yesterday I called all of the soccer girls over to the house where I am staying...there are a lot more this year than last! I asked them if they remembered what happened last year when I came and they said yes. Then I showed them the ball and pump and said, "This is for you girls, BUT if the boys don't have one or the little kids want to play, you have to share! You know what it's like for someone not to share with you, so don't be like that to them." They had the biggest smiles on their faces! I had even wrote "To my soccer girls, love auntie sarah" on it and they loved it! Of course later some of the boys came to me and asked why I didn't bring them a ball and when I reminded them of what had happened, they laughed and understood right away. That afternoon the boys AND the girls (and myself) enjoyed a long game of soccer with a brand new ball!

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