Thursday, March 4, 2010


Between last night and this morning we received a steady amount of rain.  The river is still rising very quickly and we are praying that we won't have to move again.  The only good thing about the water is that the hippos seem closer to us, which means that we can hear them every evening.  Becca, the long term volunteer who I am staying with, and I went outside the gate last night and down near the water, which is creeping closer and closer to our house, in search of some hippos.  They were so loud after dinner that we definitly thought they were close by!  We don't want to come across any because they can be very dangerous; Becca told me that one guy was actually killed by one recently!  All we wanted was to get a few good pictures.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any....Becca saw one in the distance going into the water but all I captured on my camera was them making noise.  It was a fun adventure and now I have a video of what hippos sound like :)
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rachel said...

bring a hippo back :D haha

sarah said...

yeah, i'll just tuck it in my suitcase...:)